Customer Service Skill Assessment

Do your employees lack Good Customer Service Skills? Are the Customer Service reps charged with being the "face" of your company, actually skeptical of people, rigid, inflexible and rule bound? Do you experience a lot of turn over in positions requiring Good Customer Service Skills?

How many times have you trained your staff in these skills only to have them miss important signals from customers, have difficulty seeing crucial issues, impose preset solutions and miss seeing what is important and needs attention?

How would you know?

Complaints. Fewer bookings. Returns. Trouble Tickets.
You have customer service problems.

But how do you know what problem to solve?
More importantly... How would you know what Customer Service Skill deficits you have in an employee BEFORE you hire them?

Right-Hire's Customer Service Skill Assessment and accompanying interview Guide can help you hire and develop the right people for your company without relying on them to tell you how well they deliver customer service.

Finally, you NO LONGER have to ask people how they rate themselves in these areas. In one simple, inexpensive, 15 minute online assessment you can determine your degree of risk in hiring any candidate and AVOID BAD HIRES!

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Want to compare an individual candidate's strengths against the "Gold Standard" for your company?

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Never make a bad hire again!

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