Leadership Skill Assessment

Everyone knows that technical skills aren't enough to develop leadership skills - it takes competency in the soft stuff", the people skills to make a credible leader successful at leading people, developing strategy and managing activities.

The problem is that traditional leadership assessment tools try to gauge leadership style characteristics through self- report measures such as the DISC, Myers Briggs and through other subjective reports involving 360 degree feedback.

We believe that the data from a well-executed 360 degree instrument is an excellent data point. But it isn't the whole story. Additionally, a 360 and other self report assessments leave out critical objective data a leader needs to develop leadership skills.

To develop leadership skills, leaders must have accurate, objective, and laser precise data so that they can get the most impact from their executive coaching or other development activities. Coaching is only as effective as the assessment is accurate.

We help your company's leaders by administering our Right-Hire Assessment Technology and generating our most powerful assessment report, the Executive Leadership Assessment that empirically measures decision making capacity and access to that capacity.

Our Executive Leadership Assessment is the most comprehensive report we offer and is an excellent tool for developing leaders at any level in any company.

Our Right-Hire Assessment Technology gives you crystal clear, objective data on your company's leaders and leadership candidates.

Our data is rock solid and can save your company the cost of many months, even years of an executive coach's time trying to get to the "heart of the matter".

We can tell you in minutes what an executive coach might never learn, even with several months' worth of sessions. Click here to see a sample of our Executive Leadership Assessment Report


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