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"With Right-Hire's Assessment and thorough analysis, we have finally identified the root of our culture difficulty and the concrete steps we need to change it."

- Deputy CFO, NASA Ames Research Center
"I can't believe this one assessment can solve so many development needs. Powerful! My team functions at levels I never thought possible. Thanks Right-Hire!"

- Manager, Kaiser Permanente
"The depth of the Right-Hire Assessment has allowed me to really leverage my strengths and improve my career options."

- Project Manager, Extreme Networks
"The Team Assessment and Analysis I have received in working with Right-Hire has been amazing. It provides us insight like no other process. It has opened up so many possibilities and really allowed us to capitalize on our strengths."

- Sr. Director, Seagate Technology

Hiring The Best:
Our Competitive Advantage

Right-Hire's competitive advantage lies in the pure empirical validity of the science behind its products. Right-Hire delivers of a variety of empirically validated assessment report products that transfer basic value capacities into 108 specific skill functions. The bottom line? This is NOT self-report data and consists of the following:

Nine key skill clusters with three skill sub-clusters underneath each of the nine:

  • Treating Each Person as Unique and Valuable
  • Building Confidence and Competence
  • Respecting the Rights of Each Person
  • Cooperating and Sharing, Making Certain Each Person Feels Like Part of The Team
  • Listening, Delegating and Developing
  • Being Fair and Consistent
  • Personal Commitment, Dedication
  • Optimism, Seeing and Expecting the Best
  • Sense of Purpose and Meaning
  • Being Responsible and Accountable
  • Walking the Walk, Keeping Promises
  • Respecting Principles, Standards and Codes
  • Putting Yourself into Your Work
  • Paying Attention to Getting Things Done
  • Prioritizing Actions, Setting Priorities
  • Personal Discipline
  • Translating Plans into Action, Being Effective and Efficient
  • Building Well Organized With Strategies and Long Term Goals
  • Learning To Adapt and Grow
  • Acting As a Change Agent and Risk Taker
  • Being Inventive, Spontaneous and Creative, Thinking Outside the Box
  • Personal Competence and Confidence
  • Knowing What Is Needed To Get the Job Done, Documenting Success
  • Building Action Plans, Schedules and Timelines
  • Respecting Authority, Rules, Codes and Mores
  • Setting Clear Goals
  • Creating Standards
None of our competitors can match the precision in predictive ability found in our assessment reports and benchmarking studies, which reflect rock-solid scientific data in these key areas.

Why? Because none of our competitors have spent years validating the assessment reports they claim are objective and scientific. They haven't validated their extensions of the original science behind the assessment instrument.

Instead, most of our competitors administer the original assessment profile and then create summary reports which do not follow the same mathematical logic as the instrument itself, rendering them highly inaccurate. This results in predictive reports for hiring and selection that are confusing and may cost companies time and money.

The scientific partners of Right-Hire have spent years extending the power of the Nobel Prize nominated instrument and translating it to the validated competency reports and processes found in the Right-Hire Assessment™ and Benchmarking Process. They have developed cutting edge systems and technology to bring you high quality, laser precise accuracy and an ongoing commitment to research and testing. Check out the validity study of this technology and a Technical Review which includes companies that have reviewed this data.

At Right-Hire we want you to know what you are buying. We want you to be clear about the science behind it and be educated about what to watch out for as you are searching for assessment options. We don't want to lose your business but will do so willingly if it is in your best interest. We're certain you won't find a superior product.

Wondering how your current assessment stacks up against the science of the Right-Hire Assessment? This science is often trademarked under different names at different competitor companies.

We'll give you the facts so you can investigate our competitors along with what you are currently using and help you compare all of it with what we have to offer.

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