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"With Right-Hire's Assessment and thorough analysis, we have finally identified the root of our culture difficulty and the concrete steps we need to change it."

- Deputy CFO, NASA Ames Research Center
"I can't believe this one assessment can solve so many development needs. Powerful! My team functions at levels I never thought possible. Thanks Right-Hire!"

- Manager, Kaiser Permanente
"The depth of the Right-Hire Assessment has allowed me to really leverage my strengths and improve my career options."

- Project Manager, Extreme Networks
"The Team Assessment and Analysis I have received in working with Right-Hire has been amazing. It provides us insight like no other process. It has opened up so many possibilities and really allowed us to capitalize on our strengths."

- Sr. Director, Seagate Technology

Our Hiring Tool:
The Right-Hire Assessment

At Right-Hire we take hiring assessments seriously. That's because we know our clients are interested in three critical things: We utilize cutting edge technology in hiring assessment tools to give you a detailed picture of employee talent, awareness and understanding of that talent, their attitude, and how all of that translates into skills and abilities.

What makes our technology so powerful?

Our Right-Hire Assessment is powerful because:
  • It is not self-report - it doesn't rely on an employee's self-perception which can, understandably, be biased.
  • It is objective, empirically valid, and EEOC compliant.
  • It measures what is critical to your business: decision making
Our Right-Hire Assessment uses complex mathematical logic to translate decision making talent into business skills and competencies. Our reports are comprehensive and include areas of strengths as well as development areas and coaching objectives.

Our clients can save tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars when they avoid making a single bad hire!

You can save the costs of a bad hire right now!
What are you waiting for?

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