Project Management Skill Assessment

What does it take to be a great project manager? The developers of Right-Hire's technology wondered the same thing and so they developed a Project Management Assessment report to help project managers be the very best they can be.

Successful Project Managers often possess a unique blend of decision making talent. This very special assessment report identifies strengths and development areas in the major competency areas found in the Project Management Institute's body of knowledge. Our Right-Hire Assessment can help you pinpoint, with laser precision, the areas in which your project managers succeed and where they need development. This precise data has tremendous cost implications by allowing you to target your training and development dollars more precisely, saving you both money and time.

Project managers will learn their competencies in these key areas:

Integration and Initiation:

The ability to be creative and inventive with the initiation of new projects as well as the integration of project components

Scope and Activity Definition:

The ability to see the big picture and know what it takes to get things done

Team Leadership:

The ability to keep team members on track in a positive way

Human Resource Management:

Manages human resources for maximum benefit to the project

Cost Management:

The ability to maintain project schedules and associated tasks while maximizing cost effective utilization of resources

Quality Management:

The ability to keep promises and commitments while doing things right, on schedule, and without compromising the quality of the project deliverables

Procurement Management:

The ability to take care of details to ensure that the resources required to do the project are available

Risk Management:

The ability to understand the difference between crisis and minor issues and determine the level and impact of risks, including knowing when taking a risk is warranted

Communication and Change Management:

The ability to maintain required communications and minimize the impact of the changing resources and/or environment of the project

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