Sales Skill Assessment

Do you ever wonder if the great candidate in front of you has any selling skills? Or maybe you assume they have selling skills because the individual comes highly recommended? How many times have you hired a sales person based upon these factors only to find out that the individual can't close a deal?

Companies lose millions of $dollars in revenue because they hire people who cannot or will not sell. They also lose TIME!

STOP GUESSING and Hire Right the First Time!

Hire people with the real selling skills you need, not the skills the candidate says they have.


You have invested significant time and money to hire great talent. Yet, even the greatest employees need ongoing training.

But how do you know what specific skills your employees need to improve in order to actually make sales?

Right-Hire's Sales Skill Assessment based upon the Right-Hire Assessment Technology will work rapidly to pin point, with LASER PRECISION, what selling competencies need improvement in your sales people, your sales managers, account executives, and senior executives.

Don't have confidence in assessments?
We didn't either so we decided to

Most assessments available today are self report and ask the applicant questions to determine what selling skill the individual has.

Does that make any sense?

If you were a sales person who wanted to land the job, how would YOU describe yourself?

Eliminate guessing and bias!

We identify your employee's talent with a 15 minute, online, empirically valid, objective, Sales Skill Assessment so you can follow up to help them succeed and SELL!

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