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"With Right-Hire's Assessment and thorough analysis, we have finally identified the root of our culture difficulty and the concrete steps we need to change it."

- Deputy CFO, NASA Ames Research Center
"I can't believe this one assessment can solve so many development needs. Powerful! My team functions at levels I never thought possible. Thanks Right-Hire!"

- Manager, Kaiser Permanente
"The depth of the Right-Hire Assessment has allowed me to really leverage my strengths and improve my career options."

- Project Manager, Extreme Networks
"The Team Assessment and Analysis I have received in working with Right-Hire has been amazing. It provides us insight like no other process. It has opened up so many possibilities and really allowed us to capitalize on our strengths."

- Sr. Director, Seagate Technology

Uses For The Right-Hire Assessment

The Right-Hire Assessment is a multi-purpose profile. Organizations around the country are using this technology as the central element of a comprehensive recruitment, selection, hiring, development and succession planning process.

The Right-Hire Assessment is used to:
  • Enhance efforts to achieve quality
  • Improve selection procedures
  • Identify high potential employees
  • Plan development opportunities
  • Understand willingness to perform
  • Target training and development activities more accurately than other assessments
  • Build team strength and team understanding
  • Determine the real competencies behind other assessment results
  • Identify individuals' and groups' actual concept of excellence, service, sales, and the work environment
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