What The Customer Service Skill Assessment Measures

Right-Hire's powerful Customer Service Skill Assessment identifies strength and development areas in critical areas necessary for your employees to demonstrate exceptional customer service.

And most importantly, it doesn't measure it by asking the employee about their service capability. Instead, our cutting edge Right-Hire Assessment measures what they value and how they make decisions.

Our Customer Service Skill Assessment is an objective, scientific, and empirically valid measure of key competency areas such as:
  • Relating with customers
  • Attitude with customers: the ability to be positive, objective and tolerant
  • Reading customer needs: the ability to see and understand the needs and interests of customers
  • Patience with Customers
  • Prejudice/bias index: the degree of prejudice or bias in attitudes toward others
  • Valuing future business: the ability to have a realistic attitude about future business with customers
  • Listening to customers
  • Developing a response: how well one can construct alternatives which address issues in a clear, understandable manner
  • Evaluating what is said: the ability to focus on crucial issues in an objective manner
  • Talking at the right time: how well one can decide what to say and when to say it
  • Handling customer rejection
  • Self-control
  • Job related attitudes: attention to policies & procedures
  • Attitude toward authority meeting deadlines and schedules
  • Meeting established standards problem solving capacities such as seeing potential problems, using common sense, evaluating what to do
  • Attention to concrete detail
  • Personal work attitudes
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