What The Sales Skill Assessment Measures

Experience and common sense have taught us that identifying people who have the "right stuff" is no small endeavor.

Even when we can find many of these qualities in a candidate, there is no guarantee that the combination will work in our environment.

How many times have you discovered that an individual who looked right and felt right, and was referred by the right people just "didn't work out" right at all?

Past experience and successes are not always a guarantee of present or future success. But we know that we can reliably measure a person's value capacities.

There are three key things we can measure about these capacities:
  1. Which capacities are strengths?
  2. Which capacities are potential blocks and can become red flags?
  3. What is the risk of the block being a problem?
The Sales Skill Assessment report sample)and its companion Sales Interview Guide are built around these three ingredients. These reports show the degree to which an individual can think and make reliable and accurate decisions.

The Sales Skill Assessment

The Sales Skill Assessment is a comprehensive inventory of selling skills and competencies, including a person's ability to access that talent. It also measures their attitude and its impact on judgment and decision making, and is an excellent tool for sales professionals to utilize with their sales coaches to achieve maximum success. Consisting of over 40 pages, the Sales Skill Assessment is a comprehensive guide that can be used for career long development of your most seasoned sales people.

Our objective, empirically valid, unbiased Sales Skill Assessment measures critical sales competencies such as:
  • Discipline for selling: Attention to policies and procedures, meeting deadlines and schedules
  • Handling Rejection
  • Sensitivity to others: the degree to which one can be objective about others without allowing personal feelings to get in the way
  • Self-control: maintaining composure in difficult situations
  • Attitude toward others: the degree to which one is open and optimistic or skeptical about others
  • Persuading others
  • Relating with Others
  • Evaluating others: the ability to make realistic and accurate judgments about others
  • Intuitive insight: the ability to rely on intuitive feelings and gut instincts when making decisions
  • Practical thinking ability
  • Evaluating what to do: the ability to readily get to the heart of the problem and identify critical elements
  • Realistic goal setting: the ability to set goals which are within the boundaries of available resources
  • Organizational ability :Long and short range planning short range planning
  • Self-starting ability: persistence, consistency
  • Achievement drive
  • Stress Factors: Goal frustration, flexibility, handling despair
The Sales Interview Guide

The Sales Interview Guide is designed to guide you through an interview with an individual applicant. Each candidate's assessment will yield a unique and customized set of interview questions and guidelines that help the hiring manager ask intelligent questions related to the particular candidates report. There is nothing generic here! The questions are unique to the candidate being interviewed and allow you test them out in areas that they may be challenged. The result? You get an accurate look at how a candidate's development areas might "show up" in your unique organization.

The information in the screen accurately defines a person's capacity to make judgments about what is important and needs attention, to see and appreciate customers, to deal with customer problems, to work consistently and confidently, and to fit into an organizational environment.

The purpose of the Inventory is to provide reliable information about an individual, which defines strengths and directs attention to potential blocks.

Essentially, the Inventory is a measure of "RISK". Can we rely on an individual to do what we ask them to do, to make decisions responsibly, and to be confident about the future, to treat customers with respect, and to identify and solve problems?

The information functions as a pointer to suggest strategies for interviewing potential representatives, to identify the types of individuals who are being recruited into job positions, to monitor the types of patterns and capacities which are working well as well as those capacities and patterns which are causing problems. At all times, the Inventory should be used to help individuals identify:
  1. Their talent.
  2. The risk of certain blocks and problems interfering with performance.
  3. The types of work environments, which are the most conducive to their success.
Click here to see a sample of the comprehensive Sales Skill Assessment.

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