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"With Right-Hire's Assessment and thorough analysis, we have finally identified the root of our culture difficulty and the concrete steps we need to change it."

- Deputy CFO, NASA Ames Research Center
"I can't believe this one assessment can solve so many development needs. Powerful! My team functions at levels I never thought possible. Thanks Right-Hire!"

- Manager, Kaiser Permanente
"The depth of the Right-Hire Assessment has allowed me to really leverage my strengths and improve my career options."

- Project Manager, Extreme Networks
"The Team Assessment and Analysis I have received in working with Right-Hire has been amazing. It provides us insight like no other process. It has opened up so many possibilities and really allowed us to capitalize on our strengths."

- Sr. Director, Seagate Technology

Hiring Assessments:
What You Need To Know

At Right-Hire, we know that your organization's primary goal is to hire the best and the brightest people. We know that every hire you make profoundly affects the bottom line. We know that today, more than ever before, your hiring choices have to be spot on- it is critical that your business operate lean and efficient.

Did you know though, that even the best and brightest companies are using outdated screening and assessment processes as part of their hiring and selection process? Countless employees are hired each year through screening processes that involve self-report questionnaires and inventories, or other instruments that measure their communication style.

Assessing and hiring people by asking them to describe how they perform, how they work, how they think and how they are likely to behave is outdated and ineffective. Just ask the companies who continue to use this methodology. They are losing MILLIONS!

Think about it...... how would you answer a self-report assessment if YOU wanted the job?

Right-Hire customers will tell you that only when they begin using our Right-Hire Assessment they get a detailed, accurate picture of their employee's talent. Many of our client's new-hires are extremely costly to recruit and train. These companies must be certain they are hiring the best.

The good news is that now you can achieve high impact from all your hiring decisions without guessing about the skills and abilities of potential candidates. Our technology precisely measures en employee's talent and their access to that talent.

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Kinds of Assessments Available in the Marketplace:

  • Knowledge assessments: test an individual's content knowledge of such areas as supervision, accounting, electronics, and hydraulic systems.
There are specialized tests for these, some developed by trade associations, some by commercial testing companies.
  • Ability assessments: measure an individual's ability to perform some mental or physical task.
Typing tests and computer literacy tests are an example of this kind of assessment, as are verbal and quantitative tests. Some of the exercises in assessment center arrangements are also examples of ability assessments.
  • Interest assessments: measure an individual's propensity for certain occupations or careers.
The Strong Inventory is the best known and most rigorous assessment of this sort. We have used the Jackson Vocational Inventory to assist an Associate in career planning.
  • Personality assessments: measure habits of thinking and valuing. They do this by asking the individual to describe themselves, by having them project their thoughts onto an ambiguous stimulus such as an ink spot, or by asking them to recount elements of their past.
Some psychological tests used by companies also assess signs of psychosis, neurosis, and other elements of mental illness. These have held up in court only when the job clearly is one for which high emotional and psychic strength is a defined requirement, such as with police or fire-fighters.

There have been numerous lawsuits related to invasion of privacy issues surrounding psychological testing. These include inquiry into past experiences and behavior, especially but not limited to sexual experiences and drug and alcohol use.

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