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"With Right-Hire's Assessment and thorough analysis, we have finally identified the root of our culture difficulty and the concrete steps we need to change it."

- Deputy CFO, NASA Ames Research Center
"I can't believe this one assessment can solve so many development needs. Powerful! My team functions at levels I never thought possible. Thanks Right-Hire!"

- Manager, Kaiser Permanente
"The depth of the Right-Hire Assessment has allowed me to really leverage my strengths and improve my career options."

- Project Manager, Extreme Networks
"The Team Assessment and Analysis I have received in working with Right-Hire has been amazing. It provides us insight like no other process. It has opened up so many possibilities and really allowed us to capitalize on our strengths."

- Sr. Director, Seagate Technology

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Our Right-Hire Mission:

Decrease Employee Turnover

Before you conduct yet one more culture survey or do more training to develop skill in people you thought were already qualified when you hired them, before you hire better recruiters or coaches, or investigate innovative ways to increase retention....... READ THIS:

We help you decrease turnover once and for all by helping you avoid hiring the wrong people in the first place.

No Kidding. No gimmicks. We do this swiftly, precisely, and scientifically, with amazing, cutting edge technology that is rapidly becoming a best practice in hiring and selection, and employee development.

Assessing and hiring people by asking them to describe how they perform, how they work, how they think and how they are likely to behave is outdated and ineffective. Just ask the companies who continue to use this methodology. They are losing MILLIONS!

Costly employee turnover can be devastating to an organization. At Right-Hire we can decrease employee turnover at your company by precisely and scientifically pinpointing, with LASER PRECISION, the characteristics candidates must have in order to succeed in your environment.

We accomplish this with the Right-Hire Assessment technology an assessment and benchmarking process that consists of an empirically valid, scientifically objective, non-self-report measurement of your people's decision making talent and competencies.

Our Right-Hire Assessment allows us to create high impact hiring processes for organizations that want to get people into the right jobs or develop employees in the right skill areas so that turnover can be prevented or eliminated - turnover that is literally costing companies MILLIONS of Dollars each year.

This process is unbiased, non-maniputable, and EEOC compliant. It is cutting edge, hard science and technology that are value priced to measure the "soft" but crucial skills necessary for your business success.

Our competitors cannot match our precision and predictive accuracy. Click here to learn more about our Competitive Advantage.

Find out more about how this state of the art technology can create high impact hiring processes in your organization and save your company from the excruciating losses in time, dollars and employee morale, that result from turnover.

The data from our process will help you:
  • Finally start hiring the best talent- even individuals that may have been missed through traditional screening processes
  • Provide your managers with accurate Hiring Tools and Employment Screening Tools and save countless hours interviewing the wrong people
  • Identify and target the root cause of performance problems
  • Identify and close gaps between employee skills and organizational goals such as excellence, service, quality and ethics
  • Specifically target your training & development dollars with laser-like precision
DECREASE EMPLOYEE TURNOVER right now! Stop hiring the wrong people in the first place! Yes, it is possible!

Our path is swift and precise and can save your company thousands maybe even millions of dollars by helping you avoid bad hires and keep the tremendous key contributors you currently have. It isn't magic...... It's SCIENCE!

Click here to see what you need to know about hiring assessments.

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